Fundamental Skills

At ICS we really know what it takes to develop bright people into excellent consultants. 

From Structured Problem Solving to Advanced Presentation Techniques, from Brainstorming Facilitation to Interview Techniques, our classes help your consultants to acquire, develop and practice those essential skills that make the difference between amateurs and professionals.

We mix theory and coaching on practical cases to secure your consultants will progress fast.

Strategy Design

From Idea to Implementation Plan.

That is the shortest summary we can think of to describe our Strategy Design Program.

We provide your consultants with the complete set of methodologies and tools to help your organization
- Identify and challenge the goals
- Assess its current position and environment
- Identify and evaluate all available options
- Select the most promising portfolio of options
- Establish a realistic implementation plan

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Strategy Execution

From the Implementation Plan to the Business Results.

Your consultants will learn and practice all the necessary skills and competencies to help an organization really materialize the benefits of a well designed strategy.

They will go through an impressive program covering :
- Strategic Project and Portfolio Management 
- Change Management
- Risk Management

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