Best practices in Consulting : 2012 Report is available

The ICS team is proud to announce the release of its 2012 C2M2 Benchmark results.

More than 60 consulting organizations took the time to respond to the questionnaire.

The team worked hard to analyze, understand and summarize all the received data.
We can now provide you with some great updated insights about the current best practices
amongst small and medium consulting firms.

In particular the reports highlights 2 management practices that can make a difference
for consulting organizations that already master the basics of the industry. 

Email us at to receive your copy of the report.


Small Consulting Practice

ICS is launching its dedicated Small Consulting Practice Optimization package.

Specifically designed for Independant Consultants and Small Independant Consulting Practices, this program helps consulting organisations to get out of the famine and feast cycle.

It is based on the famous ICS C2M2 Model, with a focus on the Client Management side.

For more information take contact with Sebastien Verhaghen :