Strategy Design

From Idea to Implementation Plan.

That is the shortest summary we can think of to describe our Strategy Design Program.

We provide your consultants with the complete set of methodologies and tools to help your organization
- Identify and challenge the goals
- Assess its current position and environment
- Identify and evaluate all available options
- Select the most promising portfolio of options
- Establish a realistic implementation plan

With our Strategy Design Program, your consultants will first get a sound understanding of the classical Strategy Cycle and its links to the Organization Governance.

They will then learn to adequately use the fundamental tools of strategy :
- BCG MAtrix
- Value Chain Analysis
- 6 Forces Model from Michael Porter
- ...

Once they will master those models they will get an opportunity to discover more advanced techniques like Systems Thinking, Balanced Score Cards, Value engines, Technological Bonzaï,...

On top of the classical class teaching, ICS offers unparalleled coaching on real life case studies prepared by your consultants.

 This secures they will benefit from the most profitable experience any consultant could get.