Strategy Execution

From the Implementation Plan to the Business Results.

Your consultants will learn and practice all the necessary skills and competencies to help an organization really materialize the benefits of a well designed strategy.

They will go through an impressive program covering :
- Strategic Project and Portfolio Management 
- Change Management
- Risk Management

They will first get a sound understanding of the benefits of systematic project management approach. They will become masters in managing the magic triangle of Deliverables, Ressources and Time, under a strict Quality Management Program throughs all the steps of their projects :
- Chartering the Project : Business Case, Sponsorship,...
- Estimating and Planning
- Performing the activities
- Reporting and Controlling
- Closing  

They then will learn how to articulate several concurrent project into a comprehensive and coherent strategic projects portfolio. They will see how to setup integrated reporting and apply prioritization techniques to secure the organization keeps moving in the right direction.

They will get into the unwritten rules of the game that allow to properly manage the change to be brought within the organization. Through several cases and with the support of different theoretical models they will practice the art of identifying the typical types of actors that will support or prevent the advance of change. They will identify the levers they can use to promote the necessary change to really get moving. All this while taking care of the overall planning and means of communication.

And finally they will get a training on enterprise risk management so that they stay alert to identify and adequately mitigate the different kinds of risks that make 70% of strategy execution projects to fall short of what was expected from the strategy design.